I was shocked


I was literally like… Wow!

The fact that a few people have read my post and it even got a couple of likes was kind of shocking. This is because I don’t really use my wordpress account, so didn’t expect people to visit such a dead blog. On top of that, the short/mini story, or whatever you wwant to call it, was something I wrote as I was bored and couldn’t be arsed to do actual work.

Anyways, I liked the story [even though it needs a bit of polishing], so decided I might as well post it on my blog and see what happens. For those who read it, and especially to those who liked it, thank you!




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  1. Thank you, Babz, for following me. Best advice I have been given in the writing conferences and classes I have attended is to…WRITE! Just keep doing it, polishing, posting. It helps to establish a following and builds your platform. Good luck…and just keep at it!

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    1. Babz says:

      Thank you for the follow back, and also for the great advice.

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