The Destination, part 1


“Now stopping at King Power Stadium” came the announcement from from the speakers.


Jason got up and unfolded his cane. He loved the affect the cane had on those around him, it was like someone waved a magic spell for silence. He went to the front of the bus, thanked the driver for the pleasant journey and stepped off.


The weather was surprisingly beautiful,and as it seemed to be pretty quiet, Jason just stood there, closed his eyes and marvaled in the tingling sensation he got with the sun hitting his face. as warm and relaxing it was to just stand there, Jason had to move, afterall he came here for a reason.


Tick, tick, tick, tick, the cane beated as Jason gradually walked up the street. Lucky for him, his destination was not to hard to get to, nor was it to far. It was a 10 minute walk, and when the sun is shining so brightly, you wouldn’t mind walking for hours. Whilst walking, he realised this might be the last time he actually got to enjoy this by himself. So he decided to take a detour, afterall he didn’t want to rush himself to get to his destination.


He went to his favourite park, which coincidentally wasn’t to far from where he had to go. He loved this park ever since he was a young kid. It wasn’t the traditional children park, with the various rides, or the sports type, with all the different types of courts, and football pitches. But more of a garden, with beautiful and exotic plants planted all over, providing a refreshing aroma.


The park is designed as a maze and if you are new to it, then it could get very confusing and hard to find your way around. There are 4 entrances and pebble paths lead to various section of the park. All the paths are surrounded by a impressive manicured hedge, which is 7 feet tall. So unless you’re shockingly tall, there is no chance of peeping over to find your way around. In the centre of the park is asmall pond with a beautiful fountain shaped as an angel. The pond is illuminated with the help of underwater spotlights, which change colour on a regular interval.


The centre of the park is where Jason would have liked to have gone, especially when the weather was so good. But as he didn’t want to linger here for to long, he decided to go to the west side which was the direction of his destination, but also totally on the opposite side of him. There were visual clues on how to navigate the park, however they are useless to Jason, because if you haven’t realised by now, Jason is blind.


But Jason was not worried, He knew this park as well as his backhand, and if you paid enough attention, you would realise that certin flowers are planted in specific parts of the park only. Also something that he picked up recently, was that the path that leads towards the outer park is compiled of gravel and pebble, where as the inner paths are purely pebble. So he set off to his left, following the heavy path around, waiting to be hit with the arouma of the apricot/creamy yellow roses.


He took a sigh, and continued with his swift walk, as the heavy redolent tea cent drifted to his nose. He continued walking for a further two minutes, trying to locate the point of origin where the scent was the strongest,as there was a beautiful Victorian bench waiting to be sat on right underneath the climbing Lady Hillingdon rose bush. Jason sat on the bench, and took a deep breath of the aroma provided by the roses, as there were several roses dangling just above his head.


He folded his cane and closed his eyes and took the time to reflect on the past few years.


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