Combating Stress

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I last posted. Apologies for that and hope you are all okay!
Today’s post was inspired by the fantastic Sassy, whose blog you should definitely go and check out [link at the bottom of the post [.

It’s about acknowledging your stress levels and doing something about it. And I find it extremely relevant right now, as there are so many people doing exams, searching for jobs, having issues at home and so forth.

So without any further delays, here are some good ways to cope with stress:

•Try your best to realise and take control when you are in the midst of an angry outburst or when going through negative thoughts.
•Allow yourself to express your emotions. Cry, scream, shout, but not at anyone. Have the presence of mind in acknowledging the feelings, but don’t let them take over.
•Take deep and slow breaths, and focus only of what your breathing is doing.
•Exercise, it releases endorphins.
•Go for walks and enjoy the fresh air and your surrounding scenery.
•Listen to music. Music can have such a calming and relaxing effect on your mind/body.
•Distract yourself by completing a small/simple task.
•Make some tea/coffee/hot chocolate, and enjoy the 10 minutes to sit and drink it.
•Text/call someone you are close to.
•Find a task that needs a lot of focus and thoughtfulness; maybe like writing a blog post?
•Watch something funny [Big Bang Theory, Friends, Simpsons…].
•Think of something positive; any achievements, any good memories, any good actions?
•What are your passions? Find them and emerge yourself within them.
•Smile! Yes, you read that right. Forcing yourself to actively smile actually lifts your mood. Don’t believe me, then try it ;]

Constant stress can lead to depression so make sure self-care is at the top of your priority list. So establish your stressors and find a way to combat them. Only you know your triggers, so don’t delay in finding them.
Depression is an illness, a brutal thought process that truly can take over your body and mind. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, just don’t let it control your life!

Hope you enjoyed todays post, and remember to check out Sassys blog out! Also if there are different ways that you cope with stress, then just drop it down in the comments below.


Link to Sassy Pants blog:


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  1. Thank you for sharing this insightful post 😀


    1. Babz says:

      Not a problem. I am glad you enjoyed it. x


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