Moving Forward

You say I can’t do it, so let me tell you Four years gone by, cuz I listened to your lies Got poor credit, got horrid debits Need to steer back on to the path, before a right off Got to sort my life out, before time fly by Four years gone by, all I…


The passing of life

A short poem regarding life…

Combating Stress

In these stressful times, I list a few techniques that you can use to calm yourself down.


Memmories back then

Remember those days when you were young, Full of energy and everything good. Running, laughing, playing, joking, without a thought for tomorrow, Not having to worry about anything; food, clothes, home all paid for. Then came high school and a bunch of new friends and ideas, Money, girls, power, kept you awake throughout the night….


I was shocked

I was literally like… Wow! The fact that a few people have read my post and it even got a couple of likes was kind of shocking. This is because I don’t really use my wordpress account, so didn’t expect people to visit such a dead blog. On top of that, the short/mini story, or…


A fresh start

So I am just sitting here at home, whilst waiting for my friends to pick me up. Its been one of those hectic days, where you wake up and are all over the place, if you know what I mean.   So not long ago, I got a bit of time to myself. So I…